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Outraged, parents began sharing the video across social media. Baby found with mouse in mouth at daycare “The child, who was moving before all of a sudden after getting thrown to the ground is no longer moving,” Plano police spokesman officer David Tilley told NBC 5.

“She [the worker] then covers the child up and then sits down and proceeds on with her day.” When the mother arrived at the day care to pick up her son, the staff there didn’t believe her until they saw the footage for themselves, according to the Facebook post.

“Upon being made aware of this situation, we immediately notified the authorities and partnered with the state as well as conducted our own investigation,” the day care said in a statement.

“Those involved are no longer employed.” Daycare workers accused of forcing tots to fight Children’s Courtyard, which can serve nearly 250 children, has been at the center of several violations this year.

Since 2015, the day care has seen nine “high risk” violations, including one in February in which a caregiver was using inappropriate methods to discipline a child, according to a report by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

Other cameras tick these boxes as well, but none hit them all quite as perfectly as the Z3 while also selling at a great price. We’ve noticed that our top pick, the Z-Edge Z3, has been going in and out of stock on Amazon recently.

The company has released an upgraded model, called the Z3P (Z3 Plus), that offers higher resolution and a wider field of view.

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Although there is no sign of the baby, the adventure park has suggested this could be the "calm before the storm".

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