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Thing is, there are no dates on the website, short of the 2012 at the bottom, which could just be an automatically-updated thing.It a new site, but the prices – both purchase and restoration – look a bit low to me.

The extra rent was more than offset by cheaper travelling costs — he exchanged a £247-a-month season ticket to commute to central London for a £60-a-month bus pass.

Although golf is often seen as an elitist sport elsewhere in the world, in the land of its birth it enjoys widespread appeal across the social spectrum, in line with the country's egalitarian tradition.

For example, the Old Course at St Andrews is a charitable trust and Musselburgh Links is public courses.

Approach it leisurely, with the intention of just making it to the top, or go for the big effort and bust a lung on the long drag to the crest. Pick a calm day with no wind, and ensure you approach the start of the climb along Old London Road from the north to give you the maximum speed onto the bottom zigzag. But as a general rule of thumb: if you can do it in under seven minutes, you're doing well; under six minutes and your doing fantastically; under five minutes and I'll get Dave Brailsford on the phone.

Then hold that speed until the café and don’t let the hordes of weekend cyclists and cars get in your way.

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Brewers and doctors loomed large in her background but the arts were well represented: her great-grandmother was the artist Joanna Boyce Wells, and there was a family connection with Ralph Vaughan Williams.