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The set however does not show up in any pictures with Elvis before September of 1955.

That was the popular combination for the smaller drums produced by Gretsch.

So the inside edge of the shell sits higher and rounds off towards the outside.

Gretsch first developed its three-ply, straight-sided shell in the 1920s.

Those sizes were developed with the jazz players in mind and the jazz players were the ones on whom Gretsch focused their principal marketing efforts.

The real reason for the smaller drums is for fitting into tight gig spaces, i.e., crowded jazz clubs and also into NY taxi cabs.

Up till then drums were made from steam-bent solid planks stiffened by reinforcing rings.

By cross-laminating the three plies Gretsch defined the ply shell with no need for re-rings.

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The serial number would placw this drumaround 1976-1977.

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