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For now, we have had to remove the ability to add account and project members from a list of your Google domain users.The mail service from Google allows you to send emails using your unique domain name.

End users have their personal page where they can update their contact information and request a signature change.Some of you just use Google sign in to get into Tracker with your gmail address more conveniently.This week, in order to take advantage of the latest Google APIs and features, we will be moving to OAuth 2.0 for Google Logins and Marketplace v2.0.For one, swiping to archive or delete messages (depending on your preference) now feels as smooth and dependable as it does on Android.Google has also brought over one big feature from Inbox: Undo Send.

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You can now go back to c Panel MX Entry menu to double-check the setup: Wait 20-30 minutes for the new records to propagate and then test your mail service. In order to customize your mail login URL, sign into Google Admin Console and click on Apps: 8. Once done, you will receive the corresponding message: 6. NOTE: The Google Apps menu in c Panel configures DNS records for webmail.subdomain only.

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