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When you're in the Edit mode, you can't extract the Text property out of the Cell. Pass 1 control value to another control value I have this form, is the detailsview, and in edit mode, I have a link that you click to open up a small dhtml window (not a new window but more like a layer so everything is on the same page).

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Here is the source code to update all the columns in Details View with edited data.

I have a Details View control and when it get's updated i send an email containing the new details. To String(); This works fine apart from when one of the fields i am refering to is blank. It's not so much code duplication i am tring to avoid as having to do a load of comparisons to see if a particular value is set or not. New Values("Some Field") to a function/method is that if Some Field is set to null in the Details Views control then rather than there being e.The following tables list the members exposed by the Details View type.Gets or sets the horizontal or vertical position of the HTML caption element in a Details View control.Displays the values of a single record from a data source in a table, where each data row represents a field of the record.The Details View control allows you to edit, delete, and insert records.

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Details View generates a user interface similar to the Form View of a Microsoft Access database, and is typically used for updating/deleting any currently displayed record or for inserting new records.

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