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As soon as she starts to age he will get another 21 year old to drill. Obviously the guy has game picking up a 21 year old at 30Question for you OP: Would you rather your daughter date a slacker her own age that has no job, no maturity, and no ability to commit?

Older men tend to be better prospects for marriage-aged women.#Facts Of Life What is improper?

I mean they are both adults but nine years is significant..the difference at 18 YO as opposed to 27 is huge. My dad was 11 years older than my mom and they lived a long and good married life, I am 22 years older than my husband and guess what, we just celebrated our 23 wedding anniversary last November 08 and we have adopted 5 children along the way too.

It's different if it was a 27 YO dating a 36 YO for example. It's a great life if you don't weaken, that's what they say anyway.

Old fashioned would be wondering why she isn't already married at 21. Is there something wrong with him or is just his age a problem? However, she is foreign, moved to the US for college and completed her undergrad a year ago and has been working since.

Would you rather her date a bonehead 21 y/o frat guy? I don't think I would be nearly as comfortable dating an undergraduate student.

Angela and CJ met on Facebook after the Nigerian computer engineer added her as a friend.

You know those girls who refuse to date anyone younger than they are, much less anyone their own age? ) And I obviously have the matching theory as to why to go along with it (naturally, it involves being the younger sister).

Although she recently insisted that they belong together and would not give up on trying to get CJ into the UK, her ex-husband has told Daily Mail that “she is quite gullible”.

According to Neate, a former lorry driver from Bristol, Angela’s new husband is only intent on relocating to England.

Age is just a number, it's the person and situation that matters.

She either needs a father figure as a boyfriend, or he is immature and needs to impress a younger girlfriend with money or something. When you figure that men die sooner than women, she could be setting herself up for 20 years at the end of her life alone. Yes, I too would be concerned but seems you should ask her more about him and get to understand the attraction.

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